Who is Hennessy?


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If we've met, you'll already know this:


Hennessy is a daydreamer, a creative, a forever-finding-the-next-adventure type. 

This led to countless experiments and journeys, both inner and outwardly, that over the years gave birth to a passion for capturing the aspects of life that most people miss.

Having lived in Bali & Dubai and traveled to another 50 odd countries, a focus on the still aspects of life became front and centre after experiencing the vast nuances of these amazing cultures.

Fast forward to 2020 and throw in a pandemic, he returned to Australia to continue the work started abroad and take the lessons learnt to add a unique perspective and touch to an otherwise, sometimes, linear field.

Over the course of his career Hennessy has worked with some of the largest names in media, many listed below, as well as being fortunate enough to shoot with some of the biggest names and brands.


P | 0421 169 111

E | hennessytrill@outlook.com